WHO (World Health Institution)-

This organization is a special agency that looks over international public health. The existence of their organization is what keeps humans alive and safe from killer viruses.

My concept for this hyperrealism project is, what if, WHO did not exist? What would happen if all the deadly epidemics killed humans? Will we have the peaceful and happy life? In words, the answer would most likely be NO. I thinks it’s important to understand, what WHO does and how important it is to our lives. And I believe using photoshop to make a realistic picture will make people realize the importance of WHO.

The Earth Institute

The idea that they have is that science and technological tools can be use to improve conditions for the world’s poor, as they preserve the natural systems that support life on Earth.


For this organization, I would express how “present” technological tools help the poor. The key point of this institution is that they believe in the idea of preserving life as they treat the poor. I will do my best to express this idea in way that cannot be shown in reality.

<Maintaining Green>
Greenpeace (GP)-

“Ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity
Greenpeace focuses on worldwide issues such as  global warming, deforestation, overfishing, commercial whaling, genetic engineering, and anti-nuclear issues. So basically, they consider everything and try to keep a world a better place.


As this is for a hyperrealism project, I thought it is best to show what the world would look like if everything happened all at once. The main things I would be considering are global warming, deforestation, and anti-nuclear issues. The “what if” would be… Nuclear weapons and nuclear electricity generations being used when not needed, forests burning because of global warming.

Earth Economics

It just so happens that economy isn’t only about money; it needs nature, too. Today our economy is comprised of a unique combination of social and financial capital, natural, human, built, the outcome of previous centuries of investment. The things that we buy today changes whatever happens tomorrow. This organization is dedicated to researching and applying the economic solutions of tomorrow, today.


Earth Economics mentions, “our investments in the economy today will determine its physical appearance tomorrow, and wise investments are crucial to ensuring our well-being and economic freedom into the future.” Money is VERY important. If there are no money……. What would happen? As a hyperrealism, the concept would be to make an image that would reflect the idea of investments being made today changing tomorrow.

<Futuristic Power>
Makani Power

This organization uses wind to produce power. They call it the Airborne Wind Energy which use a tethered wing. The act of flying in circles where there are constant wind is what generates power.

If every single part of the world use this as an energy source, what would the world be like? What if in the future, this airborne wind energy was used for cars? The concept for this would be the future of humans daily life, using the airborne wind energy as the only resource for power.

makani powermakani2


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