case study


Digital Design

Client: Professor Deborah Krikun

Duration: January 21, 2014-May 13, 2014

Designer: Airi Kojima

Title: Coalition to Stop Gun Violence


Throughout this semester the object of this class was to learn the basics of design. As in, to become aware of what makes a good design, good. We were assigned to choose a non-profit organization and make a marketing product (logo, poster, etc.) for them. Not only did we learn about the basics of design but also we learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. This program is one of the most essential and main tool that a graphic designer would use to make their posters and art works.

Course Works

<Goal and Challenges>

As mentioned before, the main goal, I believe, of this course was to learn what makes a good design, good. From what I have experienced, I have come to the point of realizing that simple is always the best.

<Learning the Basics>

Through basic exercises I was able to learn what looks good and what does not. Here are some of the works that I have done for my basic design exercises.

rectangles_airi-09 rectangles_airi-08 rectangles_airi-07 rectangles_airi-06 rectangles_airi-05 rectangles_airi-02 rectangles_airi-11 rectangles_airi-10 rectangles_airi-03 basic_circles-03 basic_circles-01 rectangles_airi-12 basic_circles-04 basic_circles-05 basic_circles-07 basic_circles-09basic_line-05basic_line-03basic_line-04basic_line-02

As seen here, I was assigned to use specific shapes on a limited 10×10 inch canvas to make a spectacular simple but unique composition. And this is how I learned the basics.

<Found Object>

The non-profit organization that I have chosen to work with for this semester is an organization called “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence”. This groups main goal is to eliminate, if not, decrease the number of gun related crimes and accidents. Therefore, the found object that I used is a gun.


<Vectoring Object>

I had to vector my gun to make a 2D image of the gun using Adobe Illustrator. I learned the importance of layers here. As I was making my image, I have noticed that working with layers keeps me organized. It helps me keep track of what I need to do. As I made a vector version of my gun, I chose colors randomly and this is what I got.


After making this illustration, I moved onto making the real gun. I played with the gradation tool and mesh tool to get the effect that I need to make a realistic gun. As a result, this is what I got.



I used what I have learned through basic design exercises when I made these logos for Coalition to Stop Gun Violence”. I looked at the letters as shapes and started to play with them. It was interesting how fast I could come up with ideas. As I will finish one I would always ask myself, “I wonder what would happen if I…” then the next thing I know I have a different type of logo. Throughout the process of making the logo, I kept on thinking to myself what seems right? What looks right? When I did not really know I would simply take a few minutes looking at somewhere else and notice myself getting a new idea. When making logos, I believe, it is really important to not over think too much. Simple is always the best. Bellow you will find the variations of logos that I had come up with for this organization.

logo (31,32)-31 logo (31,32)-32 logo (36, 37)-36 logo (36, 37)-37


Making a poster was really harder than I thought it would be. I kept on doing something but it just did not seem right. When Professor Krikun said “Go back to the basic”, it really helped me. I started looking at how I have used simple geometric shapes and lines to make a composition. This is where I got some ideas when I was making my poster. The images of the posters that I have made are as follows.

gun_logo&poster-10    gun_logo&poster-11

gun_logo&poster-13   gun_logo&poster-14





gun_logo&poster-22    gun_logo&poster-23     gun_logo&poster-27

gun_logo&poster-28     gun_logo&poster-29

<Motion Graphic>

For this project I learned an new software, Adobe Flash Professional. Given the fact that I have never made a video, the whole process of it was really fresh. Although it was a little bit hard to get used to the software, I think I have done a pretty good job for a first-timer. However, it is really easy to notice that I am new to the software because the effects are really simple and easy. I will definitely play with Flash to get used to the software more. I really enjoyed using this program.


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